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Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019 at 8 PM

PHOTO GROUP TEMENGGOR : INTO THE FOREST Date: Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019 at 8 PM Venue: MNS HQ
Our guest speaker, Mr Edmund Yong will be sharing with us his experience and in-sight as a volunteer in MNS Hornbill Volunteering Programme (HVP) at Temenggor Forest Reserve. Edmund Yong is a student of English literature who did a three-month internship at MNS Headquarters as an editor and content creator for the official MNS social media and website. He joined MNS to understand the workings of environmental NGOs in Malaysia and to experience Malaysian nature, which is part of his academic study, specialising in the analysis of the portrayal of nature in English literature. The primary focus of his talk is on MNS' project to count and record the numbers of plain-pouched hornbills migrating from Thailand to Malaysia every year around August and September and in addition thereto, what it has to offer as a citizen-science programme. Edmund will unveil his tale through photos, the story of his first encounter entering a forest, his first birding experience, the snippets of orang Asli life that he was part of, and the knowledge he gained about hornbills and the beauty of flora and fauna in Temenggor, belies the question : "What is the "forest" in this modern age?"
Photographs courtesy of Ed Yong

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