The Photo Group is a special interest group within the MNS Selangor Branch.

While the origins of the group are unclear, it owes its existence to a number of dedicated and committed photographers who have headed the Photogroup over the years.

The current Group Coordinator, Alex Foong, returned to lead the coordinator's role in 2005 and is the driving force behind the group today.

The Photogroup was formed for MNS members with an interest in Nature Photography and Nature Appreciation. The group welcomes all photographers whatever their level of knowledge or experience. Experienced members assist newer members to get the most out of their photography, whatever their interests.

Lecture and workshop sessions are held regularly for both novice and experienced photographers. Practical day trips, weekend or longer expeditions are organised every few months to special sites around Malaysia and overseas.

We learn from each other to help improve our nature photography.

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MEET OUR 2019-2021 TEAM

Our goal is to create awareness in everyone through images of our wonderful flora and fauna, also how unique and fragile our nature is todate.

From L-R

Lee Hong Leng; Hui Min; See Ming; KK Tan; George SG Ng; Gau Nair ; Alex SC Foong; Swee Peng; Reiko Yong; Constance Teo ; Yeoh Yin Tuan