Alex Foong - Coordinator

Alex SC Foong has been leading the MNS Selangor Branch Photo Group for many years as its Co-ordinator. He thanks the committee for giving him the support to lead the group till today.

He started photography since his school days with a simple Fuji SLR camera with a standard 50mm lens. Later during his early working years, he went into weddings shoot to earn some pocket money to supplement his hobby. Those days during the films era, we take time to compose before we press the shutter and with pressing the shutter means getting a “bull eye” because you only have 38 shots in a roll of films or some of my friends says “if you don’t see the “$” sign you don’t shoot”.

Thats era has passed and technology has advanced tremendously today both with cameras and lenses. The instant results you can see in the computer (when hooked-on) knowing its good or bad. This is especially good when you are in an expedition when there might not be a second chance to doing a reshoot.

Today he is more into Landscape and Nature Photography, trekking into places to capture scene where not many people has seen those images in fine art print. He still leads members to serene natural pristine places to capture the beauty of what nature has to offer.

Some advice on equipments, use what you have now and “perfect your photography” before jumping to the next level on camera equipments. You are the artist and the camera and lenses are the paint and brushes. You will not understand photography until you print out your images.

Some of his Recent Past Exhibitions;

2016 – Chiaroscuro 1.0 B&W Exhibition
2107 – Nature Thru The Lens 1.0 Exhibition
2018 – Nature Thru The Lens 2.0 Exhibition

Recent Past Sharing on Photography;

2016 – KLPF Speaker – Nature Landscape in Colour and B&W
2019 – KLPF Forum Speaker – Ethics In Nature Photography

Book Project;

  1. Visitor’s Guide to Kuala Selangor Nature Park booklet – 2003
  2. Malaysian Wild Flowers by M.R. Henderson – 2014

Maliau Basin - Sabah
Mirror Lake - Ipoh
Lata Koksun - Endau Rompin, Pahang
Danum Valley - Sabah
Titiwangsa Range - Pahang